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Yahawah Ba Ha Sham Yahawashi:

Yahawah = The Most High's Name
Ba = In
Ha = The
Sham = Name
Yahawashi = So called Jesus' real name (Mashiach = Savior)

Monday, January 26, 2009


2 Timothy 3:13
But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

Iconoclasm is the main reason why the world is confused about who the real Jews are. The icons left as they were, clearly show that the Israelites were all black.

There are white people who love to make the argument that the ancient Egyptians were white, light skin or Arabic. The original Nile valley inhabitants were as black as any other African group. Biblically, Mizraim the forefather of the Egyptians - the second eldest son of Ham (Ham, meaning burned) - was as dark as his eldest brother Cush. They were darker than the south African Bushman, who no one would say is white or Arabic; the average bushman was a light brown complexion but they are still black. So even if the Egyptians were lighter (which they were not), they still definitely had the Negroid curly hair, lips, nose and other features attributed to the sons of Ham.

This argument amuses me to no end. I could show you just one example of a true Egyptian, his name was St.Maurice. Notice in the article I linked to about St. Maurice at the very top, it shows the coptic image of St. Maurice (I have never seen this image before) as caucasian, yet the original images of the man are all black. Nimrod, maker of the tower of babel was the eldest son of Cush. Yet I have never seen him depicted as black, in movies or images. Nimrod and his people the Ethiopians were always depicted as white in movies; that is iconoclasm. To be sure, all the sons of Ham, Cush (Ethiopians), Mizraim (Egyptians), Phut (West Africans), and Canaan (south Africans and the biblical canaanites, in present day palestine, and surrounding areas) were all black people.
If a Coptic child grew up looking at a blond hair blue eyed image of St. Maurice all his life, would he not believe that is how he looked; yet it is shown here in this post that he was in fact, black. If he believed that is how he looked, then he would also be likely to believe that - if not that all the original Egyptians were white - the Caucasian type had more influence and were more significant than reality allows. Certainly he would think the Saint was a white man, with blond hair no less. Is this scenario not likely concerning Yahawashi and his people given the evidents presented. Not just of the jews (which is immence) but similar peoples, whether Egyptian (Maurice), Ethiopian (Nimrod) or Canaanites (In Palestine and Israel).

In the video about the black Palestinians, the man being interviewed said quite clearly that his people were taken from Palestine, then into Africa and then eventually into slavery. The Jews also took this route, it would seem most by fleeing but undoubtedly others were over taken and brought by force.

This is why today all the images of Yahawashi/Jesus, Mary and the Apostles (all Israelites/Jews), that were originally black images in Europe, today are white. Iconoclasm is at the root of it all; smashing of the noses off statues in Egypt, defacing paintings in Europe, and in the middle east. Consequently, the cultural effects of the Israelites history on the world is not recognized. Lost among a myriad of names, languages and cultures, in Europe and all over the world, that all have one origin, the Israelites.
So, please address the issue of Iconoclasm, instead of going on and on about how the Egyptians were light skin Africans, lol...yeah right, light skin like their brother Nimrod and the rest of the Ethiopians.

The Israelites were black, that is plane, in the bible.
Amos 9:7
Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel?

It planely states we are like the Ethiopians (not the imaginary white Ethiopians, you know, Nimrods - this is stupid, this is so stupid).

Now this is the killer for me.

Lamentations 5:10
Our skin was black like an oven because of the terrible famine.

Now when black people are suffering due to a famine/starving their skin gets darker and darker. A white person becomes paler and paler. so this is another cut to those people who are claiming to be Israelites. They are not but do lie as the scriptures say.

Lamentations 4:8
8 Their visage is blacker than a coal;

"I know it said coal, but just like white chocolate, there is white coal too,"... lol. You damn devils!!!

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